Making A Business Out Of The Healing Art Of Thai Massage

How does a Thai massage center differ from body massage parlors or beauty parlors? In layman’s language, the main differences lie in their preparation and infrastructure requirements. While parlors need exquisite machines, resources, and environment, a Thai massage center can even work with only a serene, calm and energy filled space. Neither does it use any machines or oil, nor does it require the recipients to remove their clothes and make physical makeshift arrangements for the healing treatment.

As simple as it can be put, if you are trained in this art, then you can readily think about churning a business out of it.


Versatility, flexibility and optional roles are significant

Thai massage combines two forms of health art: yoga (basically stretching exercises) and pressure science or acupressure. You can think about deriving economic benefit in this hobby-cum-fitness activity in two directions:

  1. By running a fitness or massaging center and personally offering the revitalization therapy to your clients.
  2. By opening training center which offers aspiring Thai massage practitioners a certified course, such as the davetaylortraining.

Let us explore the first option. The most important decision here will be the area of your function. If you are planning to open a local center, research about the popularity of the massage therapy among the population, not all regions are well aware of the positivity of Thai massage. In your search, you may also find the potential acceptance of this healing method, where people might be looking for such body activities, but not really versed in Thai massage.

Another important consideration to be taken into account is the regulation and certifying bodies of the particular region. Thai massage is not essentially limited to Thailand. With an ancient origin in India, it was developed in Thailand and has traveled far and wide to the US, and Europe. For example, it is regulated by the Public Health Ministry in Thailand. Clients value the regulatory certificates as a synonym of trust and authenticity.

You can either open your own massaging center or work as a consultant or practitioner as freelance or a regular employee with bigger, winning massage agencies, luxury cruises if you are not confident enough to be an entrepreneur in this field. If you are thinking about a career option with different massaging centers located far and near, make sure that the travel expense doesn’t bear on your income.  Getting officially associated with the respective tourism sectors will ease your climbing ladder in this unconventional career path.


Promotion is key

Irrespective of the region where you start your business, your success definitely depends on how well you can promote yourself and also increases the revisiting clients. You are actually marketing your healing technique and not any product, so no shying is justifiable here. Marketing would not be a problem at all if you really love what you do and understand your clients’ response. Internet and social interactions are the best salesmen for your business. So remain socially active and build relationships. Your massaging art may be strong enough to heal relationship parches. If you post a good video of your massaging activities, that will in itself be an earning medium as well as an automatic promotion of your massaging center.

Coming to the second direction, people who would want to learn and practice the healing body as a hobby exercise or as a serious career option, will find solace in your training center. Depending on the region where you make your training basis, focus on the following basic aspects:

  • Have a proper training structure, with well defined time slots, levels covered, pricing structure and physical requirements.
  • Accreditation and licensing are never to miss pushballs of an educational institute. They can be from local bodies or foreign organizations.
  • You can involve fellow practitioners as faculty if you are completely assured that they will boost your business activity.
  • If you plan to go global, it is advisory to get legal advice for eliminating even the smallest permission loopholes. In certain jurisdictions, naturopathy can even have insurance covers.

And, finally, what makes every business idea excel and surpass its competitors or create waves in the unconventional scenarios is depend on the entrepreneur’s proprietary success formula.  Weave one, only for you, put it in the effort and show the magic of your hands in the ocean of health improvisations.